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Cruelty to horses in Waterford: Renewed appeal for information
18 December 2009

Last December, ICABS highlighted a shocking attack on three horses in the Ballybeg and Williamstown areas of Waterford. Today we are renewing our call on anyone with information on these brutal attacks to please contact the Gardai in Waterford now on 051-305316.

Horses brutally attacked: Gardai appeal for information
18 December 2008

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has expressed its disgust at the brutal attack on three horses in Waterford last night. Gardai are asking anyone with any information about this appalling incident to please call them immediately on 051-305300.

Waterford's WLR FM has reported that the horses were attacked in both the Ballybeg and Williamstown areas: "The first attack occurred on the Ballybeg Link Road last night, the second near the Halting Site in Williamstown this morning. In all three cases, the horses legs were almost severed."

Pavee Point travellers centre has condemned the attacks as extreme animal cruelty and say that it marks a new low in the conflict between fueding families.

The horses had to be destroyed due to the severity of their injuries.

In an email to the Garda Commissioner today, ICABS stated: "We hope that every possible effort will be made to apprehend the sick individuals responsible for this appalling cruelty."

Report from Waterford News & Star (December 2008)
(Warning: Contains graphic account of extreme cruelty)

Barbaric thugs mutilate horses
Waterford News & Star, December 23, 2008

A despicable act of cruelty, which saw three horses being mutilated as part of the long-running feud between Travellers in the city, has shocked people beyond belief.

The latest act of mindless violence, which took place last week, included two seven-month-old fouls and a young mare. In all three cases, the horses’ legs were almost severed with one of the fouls having one of their legs cut completely off. Rumours were rife that a Samurai sword and slash hooks were used to inflict the injuries.

All three animals had to be put down as a result of their injuries.

“I’ve never seen such appalling instances of animal cruelty. I was still shaking for hours afterwards. I will never forget the scenes,” explained Andrew Quinn, Waterford Animal Welfare.

“Whoever did this knew what they were doing. They knew the animal would suffer but not die straight away. In all my years of animal welfare work I’ve never seen something like this.”

The first attack took place on Wednesday evening on the Ballybeg Link Road. The second happened at the back of the Traveller Group Housing scheme at Williamstown sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

“The horses in Williamstown could have been there a couple of hours or more. Whoever did this has a mentality you’d need to be wary of,” Mr. Quinn said.

“We are now going around checking horses in the area to make sure they are not injured.”

Terry O’Reilly, owner of the two fouls killed in Williamstown, described his outrage at what had happened.

“Those who did this know what our horses mean to us,” he said

John O’Reilly, Terry’s brother added: “These animals did nothing to anyone and couldn’t stop the people who did this to them.”

The families in Williamstown have since moved their horses to an unknown location in an effort to protect them from the ongoing violence.


If you can identify the individual(s) responsible, please contact the
Gardai in Waterford now on 051-305316. Thank you.

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