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Mid Ireland Tourism thanked for removing foxhunting
31 October 2008

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked Mid Ireland Tourism for removing three references to hunting from its website. The tourism body's move came after an appeal in which we highlighted the cruelty of foxhunting.

Thanking us for bringing the hunting reference to its attention, Mid Ireland Tourism told ICABS: "Sometimes text is submitted and displayed without being checked for this kind of material. As you will see, we have now deleted all references to 'fox hunting' and 'hunting'."

Mid Ireland Tourism, which serves Offaly, Westmeath, North Tipperary, Laois and Galway East, is the latest tourist-related group to disassociate from hunting. Over the years, ICABS has successfully campaigned for blood sports to be excluded from marketing material published by Failte Ireland, Tourism Ireland, East & Midlands Tourism and Aer Lingus.

A very big thumbs up to Mid Ireland Tourism for their positive action. Check out their website at

Great news for foxes: Foxhunting is removed from Mid Ireland Tourism website

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