Candlelight vigil for greyhounds found in mass grave

As reported in April's Animal Voice, a mass greyhound grave was discovered in County Limerick. The dead dogs found were killed by "blunt force trauma to the head". See photos of the victims

A candlelight vigil for these poor greyhounds will be held outside Cork City Library, Grand Parade, Cork on Friday May 18th from 7pm to 8:45pm. Organisers say that the vigil is "to remember these beautiful dogs, who never got any hugs or kisses, and may have never felt love in their lives".

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According to information from the ISPCA website, "approximately 14,000 greyhounds are 'disposed of' in Ireland each year...They are destroyed because they haven't made the grade as racing dogs or when they are past their best for racing (usually by the age of four)."

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