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Easy Jet removes bullring photo from website
12 September 2013

Easy Jet Airlines has responded positively to an Irish Council Against Blood Sports appeal and removed an image of a bullring from its website. The move came after we highlighted the cruelty of Spanish bullfighting and the upset caused to many tourists who are lured in to watch bullfights.

"We hope Easy Jet will show compassion and replace the bullfighting image with an image of an activity which does not involve cruelty to animals," we stated. "This would be a big help to us in our campaign to discourage holidaymakers from visiting bullrings in Spain."

A big thank you to Easy Jet for its compassionate response.

Easy Jet is the UK's largest airline, flying over 60 millions passengers on more than 600 routes around the world. Spain is one of its most popular destinations with approximately 8.5 million flight seats available. Find out more at

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