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ICABS TV: Hunts on Roads
01 February 2007

ICABS has renewed its appeal to the Garda Commissioner to act to keep hunting groups off public roads. Our call is in the interests of road safety and co-incides with a new "Hunts on our roads" video presentation on ICABS TV.

To watch the video, please click on the following link:
Hunts on our roads - Ireland (Duration: 6:40 minutes)

ICABS has also invited the Traffic Corps of An Garda Siochana, the Minister for Transport and the Road Safety Authority to view the presentation which explicitly shows the true extent of the problem. Our footage shows:

  • Mounted hunters causing tailbacks by hogging entire lanes

  • Hunters riding on both sides of a main road

  • Hunt-related traffic forcing an ambulance and school bus to stop

  • Hunters and hounds coming on to a road right in front of an approaching car

In previous correspondence to the Gardai, we pointed out that if a motorist hits a hunt horse or swerves to avoid a collision with horses or hounds, serious injuries or fatalities may result. Join us now in our drive to make Irish roads safer for motorists and pedestrians.

Mounted hunter and hounds on road in front of red car
They think they own the roads: A hunt master blindly leads a pack of hounds on to a main road - directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The motorist is forced to slow down and stop to avert an accident.

Four images showing hunts on Irish roads
Clockwise from top left: A motorist brakes hard as the road ahead becomes clogged with hunt horses, a hunt follower trots across the path of a car on a main road, whose lane is it anyway: hunters gallop along after hounds, totally indifferent to the traffic behind, a mounted hunter alongside a riderless horse blocks a country road.


1. Please do not hesitate to complain to the Gardai if hunts come on to public roads and interfere in any way with the free flow of traffic. The phone numbers of Garda stations all over Ireland can be found at

2. Please write to Garda HQ and ask for urgent action to be taken to keep hunts off our roads. If you have seen hunters, hunt horses and hounds and/or hunt followers causing inconvenience or danger to road users, please mention this in your correspondence.

Mr Noel Conroy
An Garda Siochana
Garda HQ
Phoenix Park, Dublin 8


3. Ask the Minister for Transport to view the "Hunts on our Roads" video presentation and enquire what action his department will be taking to eliminate the inconvenience and potential danger to road users caused by hunting groups.

Mr Martin Cullen
Minster for Transport
Department of Transport
Transport House,
Kildare St, Dublin 2.
Tel: + 353 1 670 7444 or Locall 1890 443 311

4. Urge the Road Safety Authority to prioritise action to make roads off-limits to hunts.

Mr Noel Brett
CEO, Road Safety Authority
Government Offices
Ballina, Co Mayo

Tel: 096-78260
Fax: 096-78291

5. Contact the Road Safety Officer in your local county council and ask him/her to act to keep local hunting groups off public roads.

6. Write to your local TD and Senator and alert them to the dangers of hunts coming on to roads.

Urge them to support the campaign to clear our roads of hunt horses and hounds and remind them of the merits of drag hunting, the humane alternative to fox and deer hunting. In draghunting, the route followed by the "hunt" is pre-planned so as to avoid encroachments on to public roads, railway lines and prohibited land.

Write to your TD at:
Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-618 3000 or 1890 337 889.

Write to your Senator at:
Seanad Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-618 3000 or 1890 732 623.

For the names and contact details of politicians, please visit the Irish Government Website at:

ICABS TV: Hunts on our roads

To witness the inconvenience and/or potential danger caused when Irish hunts come on to public roads, please view our ICABS TV video presentation by clicking on the following link:
Hunts on our roads - Ireland
(Duration: 6:40 minutes)

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