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Argus Car Hire asked to stop publicising bullfighting
14 August 2013

UPDATE: Thank you to Argus Car Hire for removing some references to bullfighting from its website and announcing that all will be removed in November. We are grateful for this positive response.

Dublin-based Argus Car Hire is being urged to stop publicising bullfighting and bullrunning on its website.

On pages about Seville and Seville Airport, the company says that one of the local highlights is "exciting Fedris de Abril, a two-week extravaganza of bullfighting".

On a page about Bezier in France, it is stated that "the city is known throughout the Languedoc region for bullfighting".

Bullrunning is also publicised on the Argus Car Hire website. The infamous Pamplona bullrun is presented as "an exciting festival" while visitors to Nimes in France are told they can "experience everything from bull runs to costumed horse parades".

ICABS has highlighted the cruelty of bullfighting and bullrunning to Argus Car Hire as part of our appeal to them to remove the offensive references.

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