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Help rid Ireland of cruel glue traps
09 December 2005

Glue traps which result in mice and rats dying slow, lingering deaths are continuing to flood into the Irish market. Please join our efforts to rid the country of these inhumane devices.

The glue traps are designed not to kill their victims outright but to catch them in a sticky base where they will slowly die. Veterinary surgeons who have condemned the traps have detailed how "there is much suffering by the entrapped animals - it is not a sudden or merciful death, but one brought on by starvation and thirst."

In a desperate bid to escape death, the doomed creatures frantically struggle to free themselves by pulling out their hair or even biting off their own limbs. If they don't die from these injuries or from suffocation due to their faces becoming stuck in the glue, they spend up to five days dying from starvation and dehydration.


Please join us now in our bid to rid Ireland of these inhumane traps. Visit your local hardware stores, pet supply stores, discount shops (the Euro 2 chain are currently selling the traps) and DIY shops and if the traps are on sale, appeal to the manager to stop selling them. Photos of glue trap packaging are available to view below.

White mouse
"I walked in on a desperate, terrified mouse glued to the trap, struggling hopelessly for its life. Its legs were going as fast as they possibly could. And the harder it tried to escape, the more stuck it became. Its terror multiplied tenfold when it saw me...I never forgot that experience and I've been bitterly opposed to the sale and manufacture of glue traps ever since." (from an article by George Shea, The Pet Gazette, October 2005)

Photos: Glue trap packaging

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