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Blood sports cruelty highlighted in Sunday Independent
11 September 2012

The cruelty of hare coursing and foxhunting has been highlighted in the Sunday Independent's Lay of the Land column.

The article, headed "Hunters prepare for a blood-red September slaughter", outlined that "September is when foxhunters prepare for the season ahead by using fox cubs as blooding fodder."

"Coverts are surrounded and the dogs are sent in to attack the cubs," readers were told. "Those that try to escape are beaten back with whips or well-aimed kicks. The cubs are then dragged to the ground and bitten to death."

Also exposed in the September 9th column was the plight of hares that will be caught in nets and used as lures for greyhounds in coursing:

"Other blood sports slaughterers are celebrating this September. And who can blame them? Imagine having a public servant promising that "whatever I can do for coursing while I am in this job, I will certainly do it." This despite the revulsion of the majority of Irish people both rural and urban, against this barbarism. True to his word, Minister Deenihan has issued licences for another season."

A big thank you to the Sunday Independent and columnist Fiona O'Connell for this excellent article which serves as a timely reminder that thousands of Irish animals are suffering another season of appalling blood sports barbarity.

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