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Ask students union to stop cruel eating of live fish
04 October 2011

Please join us in calling on the National College of Ireland's Students Union to stop the cruel eating of live fish. According to RTE's Liveline show today, students swallowed live goldfish as part of a horrific "Iron Stomach" event.

The National College of Ireland, who stressed that the event was organised by the Studentsí Union ("an entirely autonomous organisation run completely independently to the college") said in a statement:

"NCI now calls on The Union of Students in Ireland to open a national dialogue with their members about what is appropriate for events organised by Studentsí Unions on all third level campuses," the statement added.

ICABS is disgusted to learn of this event which we believe breaches the Protection of Animals Act. In an email to the students union, we stated that "such cruelty reflects poorly on the National College of Ireland students union. We urge you to investigate this, take appropriate action and move to reassure people that events involving cruelty and killing will not form part of future Students Union events."


Please join us in urging the NCI Students Union to act to stop events involving cruelty and killing.

Peter McDonnell
Students Union President

Sent a copy of your correspondence to the Students Union of Ireland - - and ask them to convey to students unions around Ireland that animal cruelty is unacceptable.

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