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Campaign Against Bull Abuse in Coria

21st May, 2003

Every day during the annual fiesta of San Juan in Coria, locals use blowpipes to blow darts into the bodies of bulls. Their favourite targets are the bulls' eyes and testicles.

So many darts are stuck into the animals' bodies that they end up looking like porcupines or pin cushions. But their suffering is not over. Several hooked spears are then plunged into - and pulled out of - their flesh. The ordeal lasts for about two hours after which the animals are killed in the street.

A total of 14 bulls are killed during the fiesta which takes place in June. Cows are also tortured and killed.

Pin cushion bull
So many darts are stuck into the animals' bodies that they end up looking like pin cushions. The blood fiesta in Coria is just one of between ten and twenty thousand held in Spain every year. Bulls can die from stabbing, strangulation and spearing. They can be thrown down from a height, drowned or repeatedly knocked down by a car or tractor. Before the animal dies it can suffer rape by sticks or metal spikes, live castration, have its horns, tails and ears ripped off, be blinded or burned. Its torture can last to up to five hours. Photo: © FAACE.

In 1995 British animal activist Vicki Moore was severely injured in Coria by a bull as she was trying to document its suffering. Later on she died due to her injuries. Since then nothing has changed. Coria promotes itself as a tourism destination and as a result it receives subsidies from the European Union (ERDF - European Regional Development Fund).

Please help try bring the suffering of the bulls to an end in Coria, Spain. Simply send the sample letter below to the following email addresses. Thank you for your time and effort.

Action Item

(if you have time, please try to modify this letter or write a different one)

to address an email to all of the following:


To whom it concerns:

I was shocked and appalled to learn about the extreme abuse of animals in Coria during the "Fiestas de San Juan". During this week-long blood fiesta, 14 bulls are tortured for hours with darts and spears before being brutally killed in the streets. It is unbelievable that this happens in the 21st century.

I will not travel to this part of Spain until legislation which forbids this animal cruelty is imposed.

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully:


Please also write to the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland
Mr Enrique Pastor de Gana
Embassy of Spain
17A Merlyn Park
Dublin 4.

Tel: (01) 269 1640 or (01) 269 2597
Fax: (01) 269 1854.


Note 1:

For more information on blood fiestas in Spain, please visit the website of the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe at

Note 2:

These are the emails addresses listed in the sample letter above alongside their respective owners

  • - Sr. Presidente de la Junta de Extremadura, D. J.L. Rodrmguez Ibarra
  • - Sra. Consejera de Presidencia, D* Marma Antonia Trujillo Rincsn
  • - Sr. Consejero de Turismo, D. Eduardo Alvarado Corrales
  • - Tourism Office in Caceres
  • - Tourism Office in Badajoz
  • - Tourism Office in Coria
  • - Townhall of Coria

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