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Fis Nua party denounce hunting
22 December 2011

Ireland's newest registered political party has denounced cruelty to animals, including hunting. At a recent convention, Fis Nua passed a motion stating: "We denounce all forms of animal cruelty and terrorisation, and hunting animals for sport."

The passing of the motion means that this now forms Fis Nua's stated policy on animal welfare.

ICABS welcomes Fis Nua's strong anti-bloodsports stance. Thanks and congratulations to the party's Deputy Co-Ordinator, Cllr Patricia Kavanagh (Wicklow Town Council) for succeeding in getting the motion passed.

Find out more about Fis Nua and how you can get involved at

Fis Nua denounces "all forms of animal cruelty"
15 February 2011

The Fis Nua political federation has denounced "all forms of animal cruelty and terrorisation, and hunting animals for sport" in its manifesto.

The manifesto also outlines that Fis Nua

You can read the full Fis Nua manifesto at

Fis Nua will be running five candidates in the general election. They are:

Dr. Ben Nutty (Waterford)
Cllr. Pat Kavanagh (Wicklow)
Gerry Kinsella (Wicklow)
Liam Johnston (Dublin Central)
Peadar Ó Ceallaigh (Dublin South East)

Find out more about them

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