letter writing

Writing campaign letters

Letter writing forms an important part of the anti-blood sports campaign. Please join us in writing campaign letters to politicians, newspaper editors and companies who promote blood sports. Sign up now for our monthly "Animal Voice" ezine which contains all the latest action alerts. Simply send an email to info@banbloodsports.com with "Animal Voice - Subscribe" in the subject line.

Current Letter Writing Campaigns

Please see our latest newsletters for all the current letter writing campaigns.

Writing to politicians

For the names of politicians representing your area, please visit our Politicians page.

Published letters

A selection of letters to editors published in national and regional newspapers. Issues covered include: Landowners and foxhunts, TG4 promotes animal abuse, Blood sports ignore FMD, Horror for hares, Foxhunt-cattle liver fluke link, Hunt chaos in Roscommon Town, Hunt witness and Tally Ho Temperance. Read Letters

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