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Welcome to the Irish Council Against Blood Sports Photo Gallery. Visit our Flickr Photostream at or view the images in our online galleries below

Members of the media:
Please visit our Media Gallery for high resolution photos for reproducing in newspapers and magazines.

Photo Galleries

Hare Coursing Gallery
Fox Hunting Gallery
Larsen Trap Cruelty
Cock Fighting Gallery
Bull Fighting Gallery
Bull Fighting in France Gallery
Pamplona bullrun
General Gallery
Carted Deer Hunting Gallery

Farmers and Hunts

Farmers and Hunts: Images showing the damage hunts can cause to farmland in Ireland.

Fox Gallery

Fox Gallery: A collection of images showing the beauty of Ireland's favourite wild mammal.

Badger Snaring

Visit the Badger Snaring Gallery to view images of badgers killed by the Department of Agriculture as part of their so-called TB Eradication Scheme. Tens of thousands of badgers have been killed so far as part of this scheme which has been described as "slaughter masquerading as science".

Nature Galleries

We hope you enjoy the Nature Gallery images which show the beauty of nature in Ireland.

Nature Gallery 1
Nature Gallery 2
Nature Gallery 3

Media Photos

High resolution photos for reproducing in newspapers and magazines.
Media Photos

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