Videos: Carted deer hunting

Alternatively, please see our selection of soundless video clips below showing the cruelty of carted deer hunting.

Video 1 (435 KB)
This clip shows a deer being chased into a corner by hounds. We see one of the hounds biting the hind quarters of the deer. Moments later the deer is pulled to the ground by a hunter who grabs the animal by the neck.

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Video 2 (870 KB)
This clip shows a member of the Ward Union Hunt hanging onto the deer as it desperately tries to escape. We see the hunter wrestling the deer head first into the ground.

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Video 3 (680 KB)
The typical end to a carted deer hunt. This clip shows two members of the hunt hanging onto the deer in an effort to capture it. The pack of hounds has closed in on the deer and it is frantically trying to get away. Also shown here is a hunter running in and kicking a dog in the head.

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Video 4 (550 KB)
This clip shows the deer desperately trying to escape from two members of the hunt who have grabbed the animal around its neck. The deer is struggling but the hunters hold on, pushing its head into the ground.

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Video 5 (852 KB)
Bringing the deer under control. Here we see two hunters holding onto the deer to prevent it from escaping. Two members of the hunt rush in to help, hitting out at the hounds as they approach.

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Video 6 (581 KB)
This clip shows the captured deer on its knees. Through the lashing rain we see the animal with its mouth wide open gasping for breath.

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Video 7 (604 KB)
This clip shows a deer running across a field with two of the pack of hounds in pursuit.

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Video 8 (280 KB)
This short clip shows an exhausted deer at the end of a hunt, cornered in a field by the hunt hounds.

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Video 9 (432 KB)
At the beginning of a carted deer hunt. This clip shows the deer being released from the cart. Soon after this, the hounds will be let loose to pursue the animal.

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Video 10 (448 KB)
This clip shows a close-up of a Ward Union deer in the trailer. It is transported to the start of the hunt in the trailer and released before the hounds.

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Video 11 (448 KB)
In this clip we see a cart (containing the deer) being towed across a field. The cart usually has two deer inside, one is released before the hounds and the other is kept on standby.

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Video 12 (944 KB)
This clip shows a man with a stick inside the Ward Union's deer enclosure in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath. The captive-bred deer are kept in this enclosure all year round, only being taken out to be hunted.

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Video 13 (1.2 MB)
This clip shows an exhausted and injured deer at the end of a hunt. Seven men surround the animal, holding on to its ears, mouth and body. An attempt is made to hide the deer's bleeding head from the cameraman. From here, the deer will be dragged along to the hunt trailer.

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Video 14 (1.3 MB)
This clip shows the injured and exhuasted deer being dragged and pushed along towards the hunt trailer. From here, it is transported back to the hunt's private deer park and will be subjected to the same abuse in a future hunt.

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Video 15 (1.2 MB)
This clip shows one of the hunt masters opening the door of the trailer. The injured and exhuasted deer is then seen being pushed inside.

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