Video: Foxhunting Cruelty

Video: Ban Foxhunting in Ireland

Alternatively, please see our selection of soundless video clips below showing the cruelty of foxhunting.

Video 1 (1MB)
This clip shows foxhunters on horseback galloping across a field and jumping over a hedge.

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Video 2 (0.9 MB)
This clip shows mounted hunters ploughing through a distant hedge and riding up a hill.

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Video 3 (0.5 MB)
This clip shows three mounted hunters and a pack of hounds running across a field.

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Video 4 (1.5 MB)
This clip shows hunt terriermen digging a hole in the ground in order to uncover a fox which has "escaped" underground.

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Video 5 (0.9 MB)
This clip shows a hunt terrier being used to drag the cowering fox out of the ground.

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Video 6 (1.9 MB)
This clip shows a hunt terrier gripping a fox's head between its teeth. When the terriermen forcefully separate the two animals, the terrier has bitten off part of the fox's scalp.

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Video 7 (1.1 MB)
This clip shows a smiling hunt terrierman posing with the injured fox grasped in his hands.

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Video 8 (1 MB)
This clip shows the injured fox being placed into a sack, to be subsequently released before the pack of killer hounds.

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Video 9 (1.1 MB)
This clip shows the injured fox being thrown from the sack moments before the pack of hounds close in for a kill.

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Video 10 (1 MB)
The fox has been savaged to death by the hounds. Here we see the hunt master swinging the fox carcass in the air and encouraging the hounds to play with it.

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