Photos: Ireland's cruel badger snaring

Images of badgers killed by the Department of Agriculture as part of their so-called TB Eradication Scheme. Tens of thousands of badgers have been killed so far as part of this scheme which has been described as "slaughter masquerading as science".

A badger found dead in a Department of Agriculture snare in County Roscommon.

At the base of the tree to which the snare is attached are scratch marks where the badger desperately tried to claw its way to freedom.

A Department of Agriculture snare placed next to a badger sett exit. A badger emerging from the sett will get caught in the snare. (Photo: Peter Akokan).

A Department of Agriculture snare placed next to a badger sett.

One of the tens of thousands of badgers snared and killed by the Department of Agriculture.

This Department of Agriculture snare was placed on a path used regularly by badgers.

A Department of Agriculture badger snarer. The green bag in his right hand is used to put dead badgers into. Slung over his shoulder is a gun to shoot badgers which get caught in the snares. (Photo: Badger Watch Ireland).

ICABS Action Item: Save the Irish Badger

To find out what you can do to help save badgers from the Department of Agriculture's mass slaughter, please Click Here.

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