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Question No. 240

To the Minister for the Environment and Local Government:

To ask the Minister for the Environment and Local Government if State lands (1 per cent of total area) are maintained free from hunting.

Trevor Sargent.

For WRITTEN answer on Wednesday, 14th May, 2003.

Ref No: 13117/03


Minister for the Environment and Local Government (Mr. Cullen):

Current policy is that hunting is not permitted on State lands which are owned by my Department. Neither I nor my predecessor with responsibility for wildlife conservation have proposed any change of policy in this matter.

At the request of the National Association of Regional Game Councils, my predecessor agreed, without prejudice to the above position, to participation by experienced Departmental officials together with nominees of NARGC to examine the issue of hunting on State lands from a scientific perspective only. A final report has been received, which is under consideration within my Department. When the report has been fully examined I will address any issues of policy which may arise from it.

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