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Question 221 - Answered on 10 May, 2000

Tony Gregory: To ask the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development when regulations were introduced to provide for muzzling of hounds at coursing meetings.

For WRITTEN answer on 10th May, 2000.

Ref No: 12883/00


Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (Mr. Walsh): The Greyhound Industry (Amendment) Act, 1993, introduced, inter alia, enabling legislation empowering the Minister to make regulations governing the muzzling of greyhounds in coursing events. It was the intention at that time that such regulations would be introduced if required. However, during the 1993-94 coursing season the mandatory muzzling of all greyhounds involved in enclosed coursing was introduced by the Irish Coursing Club. Since then coursing has been monitored by my Department in conjunction with all the other interested parties to ensure that coursing meetings are run on a proper basis. These arrangements have proved satisfactory.

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