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Question No. 202

To ask the Minister for Agriculture and Food if, in view of the concerns regarding cruelty to Irish greyhounds exported to Spain, he will intervene in the matter.

Trevor Sargent

For WRITTEN answer on Wednesday, 5th November, 2003.

Ref No: 25809/03 Proof: 110


Minister for Agriculture and Food (Mr. Walsh):

Trade in greyhounds between member states of the EU is permitted under EU law, subject to compliance with intra community animal health and welfare rules. Following media reports alleging cruelty to greyhounds to a particular journey to Spain in July of this year, my Department's special investigation unit (SIU) launched a detailed investigation into the matter. The SIU did not find any evidence to substantiate the allegations made. However, I understand that since that time, on the basis of advice from my Department, the transporter in question has modified the specifications of the transport vehicle to further improve conditions for any dogs being transported.

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