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Question 464 - Answered on 20th April, 2016

Clare Daly, TD (Dublin North, United Left)

To ask the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government if the Dog Breeding Establishments Act has been amended to remove the €400 per annum dog licence fee exemption for hunting groups and if so, the steps being taken to ensure payment.

Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government Alan Kelly (Tipperary North, Labour)

Section 46 of the Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2015 seeks to amend certain provisions of the Control of Dogs Acts, which inadvertently exempted certain bodies, including hunting groups, from the dog licensing requirements. Accordingly, once commenced, section 46 of the 2015 Act will reinstate the requirement for these bodies to hold a licence.

I have delayed commencing the relevant legislative provisions to date to ensure that those bodies that may be affected by the change have adequate notice of the reinstated legislative requirements.

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