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Cara Projects thanked for rejecting greyhound track fundraising
23 December 2017

A big thank you to Cara Projects for becoming the latest charity to reject greyhound track fundraising.

The Irish charity, which provides support to disadvantaged mothers and children in Kenya, has told the Irish Council Against Blood Sports that it will be asking its volunteers not to organise fundraisers at greyhound tracks.

The charity was responding to an ICABS appeal prompted by a recent greyhound track fundraiser which was held to raise money for local Cara volunteers. In our appeal, we highlighted the cruelty inherent in the greyhound industry.

Stressing that Cara "do not organise any functions at greyhound tracks" and that the fundraiser in question was independently organised by a volunteer, a spokesperson for Cara Projects stated: "We will ask at the next meeting of all volunteers in early January that this method of fundraising would not be used by volunteers in future."

We are very grateful to Cara Projects for this compassionate response. Other charities which have said NO to greyhound track fundraisers include Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hope Foundation and the Parkinson's Association of Ireland.

To find out more about Cara Projects and how you can help, please visit


The Irish Government has given a quarter of a billion euro of public funds to the greyhound industry since 2001, including €16 million for 2017. This money should instead be given to charities, schools, sports clubs, animal rescue groups, health services, etc.

Join us in demanding that Finance Minister Paschal Donohue says NO to any further funding of this industry.

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