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Don't party at a greyhound track
20 December 2017

Letter to the Editor in the Westmeath Topic urges the public to make the compassionate choice to stay away from greyhound tracks.

Don't party at a greyhound track
Westmeath Topic, 21/28 December 2017

Dear Editor,

Newly released statistics from the Irish Greyhound Board show that so far this year, 283 greyhounds have been injured and 96 killed at tracks around the country.

The dogs suffered injuries to legs, wrists, shoulders, backs, tails, muscles and toes.

The latest figures follow horrifying revelations that in 2016, 427 greyhounds sustained on-track injuries and 139 were put down. Added to this are the thousands of greyhounds who "disappear" every year - most likely killed when found to be too slow to win races.

These sickening stats, and the suffering they reflect, leave no doubt that it's time for the government to stop propping up this cruel industry. Since 2001, it has handed over nearly a quarter of a billion euros of taxpayers' money to greyhound racing, including €16 million for 2018.

Anyone considering attending a Christmas party at a greyhound track should know that seeing an injured dog writhing in agony and crying out in pain is deeply upsetting and sure to provide a night to remember for all the wrong reasons. Please make the compassionate choice to stay away from tracks.

Philip Kiernan
Irish Council Against Blood Sports
PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath

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