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Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind rejects greyhound track fundraiser
06 October 2017

A big thank you to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind for rejecting a greyhound track fundraiser. The unauthorised fundraiser, to be held at Curraheen Park track in Cork, was being promoted online as "Go greyhound racing fundraising evening in aid of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind" and used the charity's logo without permission.

On Wednesday night, when the Irish Council Against Bloodsports became aware of the fundraiser, we alerted Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We pointed out the cruelty, drugging, mutilation and killing of dogs in the greyhound industry and the fact that fundraisers at tracks are helping to keep the dying greyhound industry afloat (through ticket commissions and revenue from food/drink/gambling on the night of the fundraiser).

Responding to concerns, the charity stated: "Irish Guide Dogs are not running this fundraiser. It is a fundraiser which was being held by a third party offering a donation to us. We reacted promptly when we realised that it was to be held in a greyhound track. Of course, we will not be accepting any money from this event. We get great support from people running fundraisers for us all around the country for which we are extremely grateful. Everybody at Irish Guide Dogs absolutely love our dogs and all dogs. Their welfare continues to be our highest priority."

The Irish Guide Dog's commendable decision to reject greyhound track fundraising follows similar recent moves by Hope Foundation and the Parkinson's Association of Ireland.

With the general public increasingly avoiding greyhound racing - evident in a 50 per cent drop in track attendance - the industry is desperately targeting charities, GAA clubs and schools to organise fundraisers at tracks. We are continuing to appeal to these to show compassion for the dogs and choose alternative fundraising venues. Watch and share our campaign video at

Every year, an estimated 10,000 greyhounds disappear in the greyhound industry - most likely killed when found to be not quick enough to win races. Others are dumped, drugged, mutilated and exported abroad to countries with little or no animal welfare.

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The Irish Government has given a quarter of a billion euro of public funds to the greyhound industry since 2001, including €16 million for 2017. This money should instead be given to charities, schools, sports clubs, animal rescue groups, health services, etc.

Join us in demanding that Finance Minister Paschal Donohue says NO to any further funding of this industry.

Paschal Donohoe
Minister for Finance
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