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Wind turbine awareness group urged to cancel greyhound track fundraiser
29 August 2017

The North Kerry Wind Turbine Awareness Group is being urged to cancel a greyhound track fundraiser. Such fundraisers directly support the cruel greyhound industry in which dogs are injured, mutilated, drugged, dumped and killed - the track takes a significant ticket commission and also profits from food and drink sales on the day.

On its Facebook page, the wind turbine awareness group is promoting the Night at the Dogs fundraiser as a "great night of craic and racing" but is clearly ignoring the much publicised cruelty and killing.

ICABS has drawn the group's attention to the recent RTE Prime Time report on which Limerick Animal Welfare's Marion Fitzgibbon conveyed some of the industry's horrors - "We believe there are probably 10,000 greyhounds put to sleep every year. They can be killed in all sorts of fashions. We've had so many instances of finding them shot, ears cut off, drowned."

These greyhounds are killed when they are unable to win races and make money for unscrupulous owners. Other dogs are injured, mutilated and abandoned. An increasing number of Irish dogs are also ending up in China, Pakistan and other countries with little or no animal welfare.


Join us in urging North Kerry Wind Turbine Awareness Group to consider the plight of thousands of dogs used and abused in the greyhound industry and choose an alternative method of raising funds that does not involve animal exploitation.

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