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Another Irish horse killed at UK racecourse after breaking leg
09 June 2017

An animal rights group in Devon has captured the final moments of an Irish horse who was destroyed after breaking a leg during a race on Monday (5th June 2017). She is the 44th Irish horse to die at a UK racecourse since the beginning of this year.

The distressing film footage shows injured six-year-old mare, named Tea In Transvaal, being hidden behind a screen set up on the course. She can be seen being surrounded by men and falling to the ground in the moments before being destroyed.

She suffered the injury while being raced in driving rain at the 2.25 mile, 9-obstacle Newton Abbot course.

Devon Animal Save’s Ross Mayhew who filmed the scene said: “It was heartbreaking to stand in the pouring rain filming and bearing witness to the end of this beautiful horse’s life, but the public needs to see what happens. Why were they made to run in this weather? Why do people support a ‘sport’ that causes so much pain and death to these amazing animals?”

“Once again, the new style of hurdles have proved too tough an obstacle for a horse,” commented Dene Stansall, Animal Aid’s Horseracing Consultant. “There seems to be an attitude of ‘the show must go on’ when it comes to racing – regardless of whether it is in the best interest of the horses. It is vital that compassionate people realise that Tea In Transvaal’s death was not just an unlucky fluke – she was, sadly, one of around 200 horses killed on British Racecourses each year. The only way for an end to these deaths is for people to stop funding the industry with their attendance fees and betting money.”

Last year, 76 Irish horses died or were destroyed at UK racetracks.

Irish horses are also dying at tracks around Ireland, with the following among the recent fatalities…

On 28th April at Punchestown, 5-year-old Runfordave died.
On 23rd April at Ballysteen, Working On A Dream was in the lead when he fell and was fatally injured
On 17th April, Dimply Mulligan was fatally injured at Cork Racecourse. The winner of this race, Little Misshamrock, later died too.
On 18th April, 5-year-old Baby Bob died after suffering fatal injuries at Fairyhouse racecourse
On 10th April, Balinaboola “fell at the first” during a race in Tramore and was fatally injured.

On its Race Horse Death Watch website, Animal Aid has documented over 1,550 deaths at UK tracks in the past decade. These are on-course fatality figures and do not include the horses killed due to training injuries or the horses destroyed when they are “judged to be no longer financially viable”.

Irish horse fatalities at UK tracks so far in 2017…

Tea In Transvaal (IRE) 05 Jun, 2017 Newton Abbot Fell – Broke Foreleg – Destroyed-
Book Of Excuses (IRE) 22 May, 2017 Towcester Went Wrong – Fatally Injured-
Fresh By Nature (IRE) 20 May, 2017 Uttoxeter Broke HInd Leg Pastern – Destroyed-
Ragged Wood (IRE) 16 May, 2017 Warwick NH Broke HInd Leg Pastern – Destroyed-
Seelateralligator (IRE) 15 May, 2017 Towcester Pulled Up – Injured – Destroyed-
Dance In The Dust (IRE) 12 May, 2017 Market Rasen Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed-
Mr Cardle (IRE) 11 May, 2017 Worcester Fell – Dead-
Jolly Roger (IRE) 09 May, 2017 Ffos Las NH Fell – Fatally Injured-
Protest (IRE) 09 May, 2017 Exeter Fell – Fatally Injured-
Storm Forecast (IRE) 25 Apr, 2017 Hexham Broke Down – Fatally Injured-
Canadian Diamond (IRE) 21 Apr, 2017 Fontwell Stumbled on Landing – Broke Foreleg
Street Entertainer (IRE) 17 Apr, 2017 Fakenham Broken Down – Fatally Injured-
The Bay Oak (IRE) 16 Apr, 2017 Ffos Las NH Collapsed and Died After Race –
Broad Spectrum (IRE) 15 Apr, 2017 Carlisle NH Went Wrong – Fatally Injured-
Lochalsh (IRE) 13 Apr, 2017 Wetherby Injured – Destroyed-
Comeonginger (IRE) 05 Apr, 2017 Wincanton Fell – Broke Neck – Dead-
Here All Along (IRE) 03 Apr, 2017 Ludlow Broke Foreleg – Destroyed-
Al Reesha (IRE) 29 Mar, 2017 Sedgefield Fell – Broke Neck – Dead-
Monkhouse (IRE) 27 Mar, 2017 Market Rasen Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed-
Petethepear (IRE) 21 Mar, 2017 Wetherby Broke Down Injured – Destroyed-
Orchard Boy (IRE) 20 Mar, 2017 Taunton Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Crimson Ark (IRE) 18 Mar, 2017 Kempton Park NH Fell – Broke Neck – Dead-
Hadrians Approach (IRE) 16 Mar, 2017 Cheltenham Fell – Broke Foreleg Cannon Bone –
Toe The Line (IRE) 16 Mar, 2017 Cheltenham Fell on Bend in Running – Broke Leg –
Ballynorth Benny (IRE) 12 Mar, 2017 Market Rasen Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Disputed (IRE) 11 Mar, 2017 Sandown NH Pulled Up – Injured Foreleg – Destroyed-
Far From Defeat (IRE) 05 Mar, 2017 Huntingdon Collapsed and Died After Race-
Grexit (IRE) 01 Mar, 2017 Musselburgh NH Pulled Up – Fractured Knee – Destroyed-
Fayette County (IRE) 28 Feb, 2017 Catterick NH Fell – Broke Neck – Dead-
The Chuckmeister (IRE) 26 Feb, 2017 Southwell NH Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Minstrels Gallery (IRE) 26 Feb, 2017 Southwell NH Collapsed and Died After Race –
Solar Deity (IRE) 25 Feb, 2017 Lingfield AW Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Sue Oscar (IRE) 20 Feb, 2017 Carlisle NH Broke Down and Fell on flat – Dead-
Beg To Differ (IRE) 20 Feb, 2017 Carlisle NH Broken Down – Fatally Injured-
Novemberstorm (IRE) 09 Feb, 2017 Doncaster NH Broke Near-Hind Leg – Destroyed-
Runswick Days (IRE) 04 Feb, 2017 Musselburgh NH Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
According To Them (IRE) 31 Jan, 2017 Lingfield NH Pulled Up – Fatally Injured-
Going Concern (IRE) 29 Jan, 2017 Sedgefield Fell – Neck / Spinal Injury – Destroyed-
Many Clouds (IRE) 28 Jan, 2017 Cheltenham Collapsed and Died After Race – Raced
Orchard Park (IRE) 28 Jan, 2017 Doncaster NH Fatally Injured-
Tour De Ville (IRE) 28 Jan, 2017 Doncaster NH Pulled Up – Lame – Destroyed-
Subtle Grey (IRE) 23 Jan, 2017 Newcastle NH Fell – Fatally Injured-
Wait A Second (IRE) 13 Jan, 2017 Huntingdon Fell – Injured – Destroyed-
Vinny Gambini (IRE) 01 Jan, 2017 Musselburgh NH Fell – Broke Near-Hind Leg –

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