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I support coursing: Shameful statement from Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae
24 February 2017

County Kerry politician, Michael Healy-Rae, has shamefully expressed support for animal cruelty. The Independent TD who once claimed "there's nothing that upsets me more than mistreatment of animals", said in a tweet this month: "I am supportive of the coursing industry."

Deputy Healy-Rae is clearly disregarding the appalling suffering involved in coursing, with hares sustaining painful injuries and dying every coursing season. All hares captured from the wild for coursing endure the fear and stress of being netted, thrown in boxes, kept in captivity, manhandled and eventually forced to run for their lives from pairs of dogs.

"If you saw footage broadcast on the recent Claire Byrne Live programme, you will know the horror of a hare mauling -" ICABS stated in an email to Deputy Healy Rae. "We appeal to you to show compassion for the Irish Hare, recognise the cruelty involved in coursing and reconsider your position on this issue."

Michael Healy-Rae's shameful statement in support of animal cruelty comes after his vote last summer against Deputy Maureen O'Sullivan's bill which sought to ban coursing.

He is also involved in shooting wildlife. A caption on an online photo showing Michael Healy-Rae holding a gun states "Michael has a gun licence for his rifle that allows him to shoot pheasants and foxes."

According to a 2013 Irish Examiner report, he holds certificates for three different guns and in the past has "threatened to take out a licence to hunt 'marauding' deer."

Asked in an interview with RSVP magazine what he does to unwind, he replied "I enjoy shooting."

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