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Car dealer told by Renault that advertising in hare coursing booklet is "unacceptable"
22 December 2016

A car dealer in County Wexford has been told by Renault that advertising in a hare coursing booklet is unacceptable.

An advert published in the booklet for a recent coursing meeting in Gorey stated: "Best wishes to Gorey Coursing Club [from] P&H Doyle Car Sales, Main Renault Dealers".

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports reported the ad to Renault Ireland, expressing surprise that the dealer considered it appropriate to associate the Renault brand with an activity that causes terror, injury and death to hares and which a majority of Irish people want outlawed.

We brought to the company's attention video evidence from the past few weeks which shows hares being hit and mauled by dogs during coursing meetings -

Responding, Renault stated: "Groupe Renault does not condone animal cruelty in any form. We were made aware of an advertisement from one of our dealers in a local event programme and have instructed them that it is unacceptable and is to be removed."

ICABS has thanked Renault for this positive response.

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