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Burned, Starved, Mutilated: Another victim of Ireland's cruel greyhound industry
15 September 2016

We have recently focused on some of the deplorable animal cruelty happening in Clonmel, County Tipperary - an injured horse left to die at the side of a road. a pregnant greyhound brutally killed as she was about to give birth and the town's infamous hare coursing crueltyfest which sees hares running for their lives for the entertainment of a compassionless crowd.

Another instance of appalling animal abuse can be added to the list. Back in January, the Irish Sun reported on an emaciated greyhound found dumped in a ditch in Clonmel. The dog had both ears burned with acid and a bone protruding from a tail that had been hacked off.

"Her ears were burned out so she couldn’t be identified through her ear tattoo," the sickening Irish Sun report outlined. "Traumatised Emily’s tail was also hacked off as she was dumped and left to starve to death."

Racing insiders quoted in the report admitted that Emily’s case is the “tip of the iceberg”, "isn’t an isolated incident" and that “this type of brutality is happening all the time.

“This type of sickening action is the disgusting underbelly of the greyhound world,” another said. “Too many owners and trainers have no sense of a duty of care towards the dogs once it is decided they are no longer of use.”

When contacted by the Irish Sun, the Irish Greyhound Board said it condemned acts of cruelty and had launched an enquiry. Its statement euphemistically referred to burned, emaciacted and mutilated Emily as being "IN A POOR STATE OF HEALTH".

Waterford's Deise Animal Sanctuary which took in rescued Emily stated: “This girl is safe and warm tonight. Maybe she was a champion racer. But all that’s left of her now is a broken abused body. Only love and care from here on out though.”

Read the full Irish Sun report at


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