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Fox desperately jumps over river during Wexford hunt
16 March 2016

A fox running for his life during a hunt in Wexford desperately tried to jump across a river in a bid to escape. A disgusting sequence of photographs, captured by a hunt follower and posted online, show the animal leaping from the river bank, falling into the water and clambering up the opposite bank.

The "hunted fox" was photographed earlier this month during a West Wexford Harriers hunt in Dunmain.

Devoid of sympathy for the plight of the fox, hunt supporters delighted in seeing the animal "flying" through the air. Among the comments left were: "You shouldn't make photo. You should shoot him!", "Shotgun would sort him out" and "Isn't it a shame the bastard diddnt drown".

There is no mention of the fate of this unfortunate fox. It remains unclear if the pack of hounds swam across the river and eventually caught and killed him.

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports will be pushing the next government to recognise the cruelty of foxhunting and the damage it does to Ireland's international reputation and put in place a long overdue ban. We appeal to landowners in Wexford and around the country to show compassion for wildlife and make their land off-limits to hunts.

See the images at or below in an embedded post from Facebook.


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