Stop Spain's cruel "bull on fire" event

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is joining groups across Europe in calling for a complete ban on Spain's Toro Jubilo - one of the country's most horrendous cruelty festivals.

Disturbing video footage captured by PACMA shows what happens at this annual event in the village of Medinaceli.

A bull is held in place with ropes before locals crowd around the animal and attach flammable balls to his horns. These are then set on fire and the bull can be seen desperately trying to escape the flames above his head. A compassionless mob further frightens the bull with firecrackers and taunts him before he is eventually dragged away to be slaughtered and butchered.

PACMA, which is campaigning for a ban on this barbarity, says the ordeal causes "tremendous stress and anxiety" to the bull and that he would probably be blinded because of burns to his eyes.

Vet and Humane Society International director Mark Jones is among those who have condemned Toro Jubilo. "This barbaric festival causes the animal phenomenal stress and fear," he said. "The animal would be incredibly frightened by the whole process. In this day and age, people shouldn't be using animals in this way for their entertainment and they shouldn't be using culture as an excuse for cruelty."

ICABS has written to the Medinaceli authorities to express our shock and absolute disgust at this terrible animal abuse. We've reminded them that this is the 21st Century and that it's time to leave barbarity in the past. Please urgently join us in our appeal.


Sign the petition: Stop the Fire Bull Fiesta

If holidaying in Spain, avoid visiting Medinaceli until the village is free from animal cruelty events.

Send a protest message to the the local authorities. Click on the link below or scroll down for the individual email addresses and phone numbers.

Email "STOP the barbaric Toro Jubilo" to,,,

City Hall of Medinaceli
Plaza del Ayuntamiento,1
42240 Medinaceli
Soria, Spain
Fax + 34 975326053

President of la Diputación Prov. Soria
C/ Caballeros, 17 Soria
Soria 42071
Tel: +34 975 211089
Fax: +34 975 101091

Turismo de Soria

President of Castilla y Leon
Plaza de Castilla y Leon,1
Fax + 34 983411269

Tourism de Castilla y Leon

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