Animal Watch

Animal Watch, May 2001
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Pages 1-2 Sick hare slaughter

Best of Friends!
Waterford Crystal pledge end to hunt support
Charity shop admits selling fur products
Crown criticised over bullrunning promotion
Pages 3-4 Welcome Message

Exhibition shows fox victims
Wildlife cull not necessary to prevent FMD: experts
Become an e-campaigner
Experts advise against hunting on State lands
Pages 5-6 Protesters threatened outside coursing event

Gun clubs boss joins wildlife committee
Galway Blazers given access to Coillte woods
Majority support for foxhunt ban
Sunday People supports campaign
Pages 7-8 Complaint against “rude” Spanish ambassador

Anti-hunt protester wins court appeal
Mercy - a poem by Charmaine Martin
Thank you!
Coursing goes ahead despite FMD fears
Anti-bullfight coalition
Things they Said
Pages 9-10 Hunt stays off bishop’s land

Our hunting employee is “not breaking rules”: ISPCA
Coursing dog tests positive for dope
Carmel Power - Expression of sympathy
Priest blesses hunt hounds
UK hunting ban update
“Words of Wisdom”
Pages 11-12 Tayto urged to pull bullfighting advert

Postcard plea to Spanish bishops
Animals found struggling in deadly Department snares
Caring Cavan farmer saves badgers
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-12 (53 Kb)

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