Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Summer 2000
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Pages 1-3 Campaign Update

They Said It!
ICABS Mission Statement
Pages 4-5 Municipal authorities vote for foxhunt ban

Shopkeeper fined for selling gin trap
Aer Lingus admits mistake in hunt holiday promotion
Dealer called to explain "coursing ad"
Foxhunting removed from holiday guide
Pages 6-7 Fermoy secures ceasefire in heartless duck shoot

Injustice and barbarism of hunt's blood lust
No prosecution for rail track trespass
Rail trespass and the law
Pages 8-9 Galway Blazers cruelty exposed

Peaceful protestor to appeal 150 fine
Pages 10-11 Minister back-tracks on Wildlife Bill provisions

De Valera does about turn on coursing club ban
Hunted hares "as happy as Larry"
Pages 12-13 Ward Union deer do suffer stress: report

MEPs refuse to support pro-blood sport declaration
Clergy continue to bless cruelty
Golf coursing
Pages 14-15 A path back to the wild
Pages 16-17 Celebrities against cruelty

Reports of animal cruelty could avert human abuse
Mystery surrounds harrier pack killing
Pages 18-19 De Valera continuing to stonewall on stag hunt

Four dogs destroyed after breaking legs on field
Death of brave anti-cruelty campaigner, Vicki Moore
Pages 20-21 Call for investigation into hunt incident at suspected sett

We are not hunt chase sponsors: Supermac's
Hunt is on for new blood
Waterford & Wexford Support Group News
ICABS makes submission to UK hunting inquiry
Pages 22-24 Is the wildlife in our state sanctuaries up for grabs?

ICABS website among Irish top 10
Galway Blazers feature in Irish scandals book
Bullfighting news
Award for decades of campaigning
Judge wrecks coursing party
Badger update
Irish badger cull to be extended
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-24 (87 Kb)

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