Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Autumn/Winter 1997
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Pages 1-8 Fox hunt video nasty

Joe Walsh has got it wrong - fox hunting IS cruel
Blood Sports man asked to resign from Heritage Council Wildlife Committee
Irish estate agents promote Ireland as haven for cruel fox hunters
Chairman's address
Rally Report
ICABS office re-structuring
The things they said
Information leaflets
Dublin Support Group news
DNA test used in search for badger killers
33 hares killed in coursing...and that's just for starters
A role model for Ireland
Hunt stress report welcomed by ICABS
Attention former fox hunters
Law-breaking stag hunters get new licence despite seven year breach of Wildlife Act
Blood Sport licence review will consider welfare of wildlife
Anti-coursing demonstration in Roscommon
"Sub-human" badger baiters appear in court
How will a UK ban affect our campaign here in Ireland?
Hunt invades national parks nature reserve
Spring at Clounanna
Bord Failte hunt promotion highly unwelcome
Guinness emphasises anti-blood sports stance
Hare netting attempt foiled
Wildlife Officer confiscates cruel leg-hold traps
Iarnrod Eireann will use the law to hunt fox hunters off tracks
Champions of coursing appointed to junior ministries
Hunters pose road traffic hazard
Supermarket acts to reverse bullfight promotion
Exposed! Devious hunter tactics to infiltrate ISPCA
Waterford huntsman has UK convictions
Protest at Westmeath coursing venue produces valuable video footage
Pope meets top bullfighter
ICABS still at lager-heads with Murphy's over banner
Budget Travel a huge help in anti-bullfighting campaign
North Tipperary SPCA still refuses to support ISPCA policies
Fox hunters claim support from seven SPCAs
North Tipp SPCA damages dog re-homing schemes
How the ISPCA works
Shameful blood sport
Appeal from Rhodes
A message from an anti-bullfighting Spanish mayor
The horror of Barraca
ICABS supporter challenges Dick Spring on blood sports
Coursing - a minority pastime which three quarters of Ireland want banned
Book review
Letter writing campaign continues
Minister ignores Heritage Council's recommendation to with-hold hunting licences
Report indicates link between hunters and sex crimes
Limerick flag day a success
Rare species hunt
Spanish chicken horror banned
Sad death of Jim Kemmy, TD
The video images that shocked a nation
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-8 (103 Kb)

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