Videos: The cruelty of blood sports in Ireland

Here we expose the barbarity of blood sports in Ireland. Witness for yourself the abusive treatment of foxes, hares and deer in this collection of video footage. Please also have a look at our videos showing the humane alternatives - drag hunting and drag coursing. Other videos deal with the cruelty of badger snaring, illegal animals traps, hunts on public roads and hunts and landowners.

Ban Coursing
(Duration: 01:47)

Foxhunting Cruelty
(Duration: 06:34)

Ban Foxhunting
(Duration: 00:56)

Drag Coursing - The humane alternative
(Duration: 03:40)

Drag hunting - The humane alternative

Politicians and Bloodsports

Stop Digging Out Cruelty in Ireland
(Duration: 02:35)

Mink hunting
(Duration: 04:50)

Drag Coursing
(Duration: 01:00)

Landowners and hunts
(Duration: 03:36)

The truth about foxes
(Duration: 02:22)

Hunts on our roads
(Duration: 06:40)

Coillte! Keep hunts out of our forests!
(Duration: 00:53)

Hunt followers attempt to hide cruelty
(Duration: 03:40)

Tributes to Tony Gregory
(Duration: 01:57)

(Duration: 00:48)

Carted deer hunting
(Duration: 04:51)

Ban the Ward Union
(Duration: 00:30)


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More Campaign Videos

Warning: Some video clips contain scenes which may prove upsetting to some viewers.

Hunt monitor nearly hit by horse
Slideshow: Ward Union (This hunt has been banned)
Ask Buy & Sell to stop listing dogs that may be used in badger baiting
Slideshow: Badger snaring cruelty
Illegal traps (Ireland)

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Video presentations - bullfighting

A selection of videos from around the world exposing the horror of bullfighting.

Stop bullfighting in Manzanares el Real
Ban Bullfighting TV
Bullfighting in Spain
Bullfighting in France
Bullfighting in Portugal TV ad used in the Netherlands to inform the public about the cruelty of bullfighting (29 seconds)

Video clips

Coursing - 10 Video Clips
Foxhunting - 10 Video Clips
Carted Deerhunting - 15 Video Clips
Drag Coursing (The Humane Alternative) - 8 Video Clips
Cock Fighting - 6 Video Clips
Bullfighting - 10 Video Clips


On-The-Line: Cradle to Grave (BBC, 1993)
Part 1 | Part 2
BBC documentary exposing the cruelty of the greyhound industry, including the illegal practice of blooding. Quotes from programme: "It's widely known that if you give a dog a live animal to kill, on occasion I've heard of cats being used - this makes the dog more keener and makes it perform better. It's because they've had the taste of blood...The use of live bait - in this case rabbits - is against the law in Ireland and the UK. Blooding is, in fact, an imprisonable offence. Nevertheless, blooding is a common training technique and in rural areas in Ireland, the use of live lures is an open secret."

Calling the Hounds
A documentary about anti-hunt campaigner, Tom Hardiman.

Animal welfare issues on TV

Review recommends continuation of fur farming
RTE News, 30 November 2012

Animal Rights and Rural Ireland
RTE's Frontline - 22 March 2010

Five men convicted over dog-fight
RTE Six One News - 28 July 2005

Deer hunting with hounds in Co Down
BBC Newsline (Northern Ireland), February 8th, 2005

National Coursing meeting in Clonmel
RTE Six One News (Sports) - 02 February 2005

Foxhunting in Ireland
Questions and Answers, RTE TV, 20th September, 2004

Animal welfare not well served by Irish law
(Carted deer hunting, puppy farming, fur farming)
Prime Time, March 9th, 2004

Government accused of colluding in animal cruelty
RTE News, August 10th, 2000

Fresh calls for banning of stag hunting
RTE News, January 26th, 1999

Audio - blood sports issues on the radio

Click Here to listen to a range of radio features, speeches and interviews relating to blood sports issues.

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