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Joe Walsh Tours thanked for removing suggestion to visit bullfight
12 December 2014

A big thank you to Irish travel company, Joe Walsh Tours, for removing from its Facebook page a suggestion to "watch bullfighting in Madrid".

In an email to ICABS, a company spokesperson stated: "Our marketing team is reviewing all promotional material that may have included references to bullfighting with a view to removing this completely."

Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal to the company.

Find out more about Joe Walsh Tours and its holiday offers at

Joe Walsh Tours joins a growing list of companies which have responded positively to ICABS appeals and removed references to bullfighting or bullrings. These include American Airlines, EasyJet, Jet2holidays, Marriott International, Hilton Hampton, Ebookers, Club Travel, Abbey Travel, Sunways, Low Cost, Travel Department, Cancun Holidays Information Center, Co-op Travel, Ultimate Travel, No Fly Cruising, City Breaks 101, Original Travel, Escape Trips, Charter Travel, NY.T.Roma Hotel, Exclusive GP, Just Resorts,, Burleigh Travel, Abercrombie & Kent, Holiday Transfers, Iglu Cruise, Oliver's Travel's and StagWeb.


Thank Joe Walsh Tours for removing references to bullfighting from its marketing material.

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Joe Walsh Tours urged to stop encouraging tourists to "watch bullfighting"
11 December 2014

Irish travel company, Joe Walsh Tours, is being urged to stop encouraging holidaymakers to visit a bullfight. A post on the JWT Facebook page states: "Watch bullfighting in Madrid" alongside an image of a bull being taunted in a bullring.

In the company's September 2014 newsletter, this cruel activity is praised as "the ultimate historic Spanish pastime". Parents are encouraged to bring their kids to see a "lighter" version of bullfighting and to watch "young apprentices learn the balletic moves and steps involved when training for the ring". Elsewhere in the newsletter, a bullfighting museum is recommended as "a great place to get an insight into the sport, its history and changing trends in style", with one bullfighter described as being "the greatest bullfighter of all time"

In an appeal to Joe Walsh Tours, ICABS stated: "Bullfighting is an extremely cruel and violent activity in which bulls are terrorised, tortured and killed. If this was done to a bull in Ireland, it would result in a criminal prosecution for animal cruelty. Most holidaymakers lured in to bullrings are left feeling shocked and disgusted at the bloody scenes they witness. We hope JWT will show compassion and stop encouraging holidaymakers to support this cruelty."

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