Holidaymakers - Make your holiday cruelty-free!

Holidaymakers! This summer you can help end one of the world's most cruel and barbaric blood "sports". If holidaying in Spain, Portugal, France or other bullfighting countries, please boycott the bullrings.

Bullfighting - which claims the lives of thousands of bulls every year - subjects each of its victims to the most horrific of suffering.

Each bullfight involves the slow torture to death of six or more bulls.

The terror starts behind the scenes, before the fight, when the bull is severely handicapped.

Cotton wool is stuffed into its nose to hamper breathing, vaseline is smeared into its eyes to blur vision and its horns are often painfully filed down to distort its sense of direction.

The worst is yet to come however. Once in the arena, horseback riders weaken the bull by stabbing its neck and shoulders with long, sharp lances.

Then, to make it lower its head into the typical charging pose, six hooked spears are forcefully driven into the bull’s neck muscles. The cruelty culminates with a fatal stabbing through the heart with a sword.

Afterwards, the bull's ears and tail are cut off and thrown to the crowd.

Horses are also victims, often being gutted, gored and killed.

Bullrings in holiday spots survive thanks to ticket sales to unsuspecting tourists. Many who attend are disgusted and upset at what they see and regret having supported such barbarity.

Now that you know the full facts about bullfighting, please decide now to make your holiday cruelty-free. With your help, bullfighting can soon become a thing of the past.

Thank you. Enjoy your holiday!

Bullfighting Countries

Among the countries which allow bullfighting are Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, China, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. In the USA and Canada, a bloodless form of bullfighting is practised.

How can I help end this blood sport?

If you choose to holiday in a bullfighting country, please do not visit bullfighting arenas or purchase any bullfight-related souvenirs.

Print out this fact sheet and give to friends who are planning a holiday.

Ask your local travel agent to display copies of this fact sheet to warn holidaymakers about how distressing a visit to a bullring can be.

Click on “Petitions” at and sign the “Ban Bullfighting” petition.

This fact sheet was produced by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports. For more information on bullfighting cruelty (including photos and video), please click on “Campaigns” at:

Matador taunting bleeding bull with red cape
A matador taunts an injured and bleeding bull. The animal is tortured for twenty minutes or more before being killed with a sword. Photo: RSPCA/ADDA